• What is definition of Chicken Nugget ?

Chicken Nugget is processed minced chicken mixed with flour, flavours, and spices. They are formed into shapes, coated with predust flour and bread crumbs. To keep the nugget shape, it is processed in the frying stage then frozen quickly with modern technology to maintain quality.

  • What is the definition of Sausage?

Sausage is a mixture of selected meat combined with flour and extra spices, then inserted into sausage skin. Sausage skin can be made from collagen or synthetic cellulose, artificial plastic, or cleansable animal intestines (small intestine, small intestine, large intestine).

  • What does Meatballs mean?

Meatballs are mixture of cooked meat (beef, chicken, fish) combined with flour and additional seasonings shaped in round balls.

  • Why buy So Good brand?

+ Made from quality ingredients (JAPFA Group)

+ Processes using modern production technology

+ Strict quality control

+ Tasty Flavors

+ Variety of flavors and innovative protein products

+ Fortified with Omega 3

+ Popular brands of protein solutions

+ Credible manufacturer

  • What are the advantages of So Good compared to other brands?

+ Made from quality ingredients (JAPFA Group): from own farm and using modern production and technology processes

+ Quality packaged protein products

+ Good taste

+ Variety of flavors (original flavor, hot & spicy, garlic, cheese, pizza)

+ Popular brands of protein solutions

+ Innovative products

  • Why is the pack size small?

To be more accessible at an affodable price for consumers.

  • Is So Good Halal?

So Good has Halal MUI certification as stated on So Good product packaging.

  • Does So Good’s product use MSG (monosodium glutamate) in its products ?

So Good does not add MSG in products. So Good’s product may contains MSG included in flavours or spices or flour that is used in the manufacturing process (as stated on So Good product packaging)

  • Are So Good products safe to consume?

So Good product uses safe meat & ingredients processed and stored frozen = minus 18C and packed well. Products in the market have obtained production license from BPOM. So Good is identified by MD number (BPOM) meaning all manufacturing processes go through quality control and are in accordance with applicable food regulations.

  • Does So Good product contain preservatives?

Freeze-fast production (-18C) is one of the safest, natural preservation method, and does not damage the texture and nutrition value of processed meat products. At freezing temperatures (-18 C), this condition inhibit the growth of most types of pathogenic bacteria that damage food. So Good does NOT add preservatives to its products.

Some products may contain preservatives that are found in spices or wheat flour.

All So Good products have received distribution license from BPOM.

  • Must So Good products be stored in the freezer?

This Product must always be kept in freezing condition (-18oC) in order to maintain quality within the given expiry date. Be sure to view the expired date on the packaging before it is consumed

  • Does So Good’s product contain dyes?

So Good adhere to BPOM regulations where food colorings may exist in

So Good products from flour or spice coatings which are added ingredients at the time of production.

  • How to cook So Good products?

Follow the instructions on how to cook in each package.

  • Some So Good Nuggets contain Omega 3 that help to aid the capacity of the brain. What is kind of products that contain omega 3? And where does Omega 3 come from?

SO GOOD nuggets containing Omega-3 are Alphabet Nugget, Jets Nugget, Fruity Nugget, Premium Nugget, and Stick Premium. Omega-3 used in product comes from fish oil.

  • How much omega 3 content is available in nuggets that can improve the child’s brain?

Omega-3 content in SO GOOD nugget ranges between 35-50mg / 100g. When consumed regularly, nuggets fortified with Omega-3, can help improve children’s brain capacity.

  • What is the difference between So Good and So Nice products?

So Good and So Nice are both trademarks of So Good Food group to win the competition in the market.

So Good is the brand for high quality products (with higher meat content and qualilty ingredients).

So Nice is a brand for secondary product provided at more affordable price.

PT. So Good Food is committed to produce protein products under strict quality control.