So Good was established to represent the processed meat products from Japfa. Adopting slogan “Is Very Good”, So Good is committed to produce the very best of processed meat products.

PT So Good Food Manufacturing have been producing qualified meat since 1999 when the first product named Stick Tasty Chicken Tenders was initiated, followed by Family’s Choice. In 2000, both names changed into So Good and now applied in all variants of other processed meat products.

The entire of So Good qualified products are processed hygienically through foremost and modern procedures combined with a strict quality control. Regarding to So Good Chicken Nugget and other related products, the cooking process sticks to the temperature of 170 ° C in no less than 3 minutes to be frozen immediately to keep the freshness, delicacy, and the nutritional content.

The Progress

The growth of nugget industry was emerged rapidly by the time So Good began initiating processed meat innovation. It was reflected on how nugget consumption among people mounted up in a flash, causing tight competition for frozen food industry. This circumstances motivates PT So Good Manufacturing as the creator of processed meat products to be the best among competitors by always providing number one quality for consumers, both shown in the results of product and the marketing communication.