About So Good


So Good is part of So Good Food Group that provides quality and practical protein food to give nutritious culinary experience for Indonesian families. Established since 1999, So Good continues to innovate in providing quality meat and processed meat products. So Good offers variety products in 2 main categories: So Good Ayam Potong (So Good Ready to Cook) and So Good Siap Masak (So Good Ready to Cook).


So Good believes that quality of life starts from consuming good balance of nutritious food. To support the nation’s need for protein, So Good is committed to provide quality, practical, safe and tasty protein food for every Indonesian family.

As the provider of protein solution, So Good supports the cause for healthy and good balance living, switching from heavy carbohydrate to balanced nutritious meals. We commit to offer quality protein products that are tasty, hygienic, practical and affordable with Halal certification.


So Good focuses on efforts to ensure quality standards that provide practical & tasty protein products. We believe in protecting the goodness of protein from farm to fork. The goodness of protein start with quality farming methods, ensuring quality standards using modern & technology processes up to the final packaged protein goods in every retail outlets.

So Good continues to innovate in order to deliver quality and practical protein products in giving tasty, nutritious culinary experience that fulfills balanced nutrition meals for healthy & happy Indonesian families.